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Please read these important instructions carefully. Contact us with any questions

General Information

  • All visitors (patients/guests) must have a valid photo ID to enter the building
  • Review fee information (Medication/Pill Abortion, Procedure under 16 weeks,Procedure 16 to 24 weeks); all fees must be paid in full on the date of the appointment
  • Acceptable methods of payment (credit card or cash accepted)
    • Financial Assistance arrangements must be made in advance (see this link)
  • Wear comfortable/warm clothes
  • Expect to be here 4 to 6 hours - bring a book/iPad/something to do
  • We do not allow food/drinks (except water) in the building
  • Children/pets/other visitors:
    • We are not able to accommodate guests under 12 years old in the building.
    • For safety, we cannot allow children or pets to stay in a parked car.

Transportation / Driver

  • You must have safe transportation home
  • You MUST have a driver to go home with if:
    • You desire anesthesia/sedation medication
    • Your pregnancy is over 14 weeks
    • You require a multiple day procedure (most pregnancies over 16 weeks)
  • Your driver may leave but must return to pick you up. Your driver will be called about 30 minutes prior to your discharge.
  • You may drive yourself ONLY for the medication/pill abortion or abortion under 14 weeks.

Multiple Day Procedures (Over 16 Weeks)

  • Your procedure will take two to three days and require return appointments during this time
  • You will need to stay WITHIN 30 minutes of our facility (at a hotel if you do not live close enough)
  • Your driver/support person must stay with you at all times and be available to drive you to all appointments

Follow this link for more detailed information about your appointment


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