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Hope Clinic In The Media

Hope Clinic In The Media

Where there's Choice, there's Hope.

December 13, 2017. ANSIRH publishes findings in the Journal of Adolescent Health about patients' access to abortion care after the implementation of the parental notification requirement in Illinois. This research was a collaborative effort with Hope Clinic. Study well summarized in these articles. "Parental Notification laws delay care, study finds" and "Laws claiming to improve the health and well-being of minors considering abortion could put them at risk"

April 3, 2017. HBO. Hope Clinic for Women is featured prominently in the documentary "Abortion: Stories Women Tell." Available at anytime on HBO GO

March 29, 2017. Chicago Tribune. "Former Chicago doctor talks backlash in abortion documentary airing on HBO"

March 10, 2017. Rewire. "I Found Fulfillment and Family as an Abortion Provider"

August 16, 2016. New York Magazine. "Tracy Droz Tragos on her new film and what Donald Trump would mean for abortion rights"

August 12, 2016. Huffington Post. "What It's Like to Provide Abortions Where Access is Almost Non-Existent"

August 11, 2016. New York Times. "Review: Beyond the Politics"

August 10, 2016. St Louis Public Radio. Documentary Highlights Those Left Out of the Abortion Debate: the Women Who Have Them

August 9, 2016. PopSugar.com. Why Women Can't Afford to Be Complacent about Abortion Rights

June 27, 2016. Riverfront Times. Illinois Abortion Provider Sees How Missouri Laws Hurt Women