Abortion Clinic Bettendorf Iowa

Abortion Clinic Near Bettendorf, IA

It has been painful to watch as around the country, many states have restricted people’s rights to a safe abortion. At Hope Clinic, we are still providing the full spectrum of abortion care. If you need an abortion clinic near Bettendorf, Iowa, we are here for you. We care for patients in our area, as well as those who need to come from another state because abortion rights have been restricted where they come from. If you find yourself needing to travel for abortion care, let us know. We will do whatever we can to remove the barriers you have before you.

Our Range of Abortion Services Near Bettendorf, IA

We provide the entire range of abortion services near Bettendorf, Iowa for our patients up to 27 weeks 6 days of pregnancy. Every service we provide, whether it’s in abortion or reproductive care, is always carried by doctors and medical professionals who have deep expertise in what they do. We can prescribe you the abortion pill, also called a medication abortion, if you are under 10 weeks pregnant. The vacuum aspiration abortion is generally used for patients between 10 and 16 weeks of pregnancy. And the D&E, dilation and evacuation, abortion is used for patients who are over 16 weeks pregnant and less than 27 weeks 6 days pregnant.

More Than an Abortion Clinic Near Bettendorf, IA

While we uphold abortion as an inherent right, the right to choose also needs the option of not having an abortion if you decide that is best for you. That’s why we also offer reproductive care at our abortion clinic near Bettendorf, Iowa. We can help you with trying to get pregnant, and once you do, with professional care for you and the pregnancy. We offer STI prevention and treatment, fertility testing and pregnancy testing, counseling to answer any questions you have, fertility treatments, contraception and birth control, and much more.