Illinois Residents

Illinois Medicaid Coverage

Illinois joined 15 other states in providing Medicaid coverage of abortion care starting January 1, 2018.

Hope Clinic is able to accept Illinois Medicaid for coverage of abortion care and other related services. We are still working on necessary paperwork to cover other gynecologic services.

Secondary to special funding made available, Hope Clinic can provide abortion care at NO COST for patients that are eligible for Illinois Medicaid – even if that coverage is not currently active.

Illinois residents with active Illinois Medicaid or a pending application for Illinois Medicaid.

All aspects of the surgical or medical ("pill") abortion appointment: ultrasound, lab work, counseling and informed consent, procedure or medications (either dispensed or prescriptions), IV sedation ("comfort shot"), Rh immunoglobulin (i.e. Rhogam - if needed).

  • Photo ID
  • Active Illinois Medicaid card (or copy/screen shot of card)
  • Copy or screen shot of pending Illinois Medicaid application (confirmation page or application status page)
  • Go to the "Check if I Should Apply" tool, complete a brief/secure questionnaire and follow instructions for the application process
  • Note that eligibility requirements change in pregnancy - it is worth checking if you should apply!
  • No worries! The Hope Clinic is able to determine the status of your Illinois Medicaid using the information you provided when making the appointment.

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