Pregnancy Options Resources

For some people, pregnancy decisions are really complicated. For others, the decision is much easier. Whatever your circumstances, your reasons behind your decision are valid. 

You deserve love, respect, and compassion. No one knows your life or your needs as well as you do. Trust yourself to make good decisions, you are more than capable of doing so.

If abortion is the right decision for you, we are here to help provide care and support. If you are interested in exploring your other pregnancy options, parenting and adoption, we are here to support you in that and connect you with resources to navigate those decisions.

We offer full-spectrum pregnancy options counseling to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you in your circumstances. We also offer other counseling and education services to meet your needs before, during, and after a visit to Hope Clinic. There are other resources that are here to support you as well.

Pregnancy Options Resources:

  • All-Options has a talkline which offers peer counseling. They offer unconditional, judgement-free support to help you discuss and process your feelings, decisions, and experiences related to pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Check their website for hours of availability.
    • All-Options Talkline: 1-888-493-0092
  • Faith Aloud is a project of All-Options. Through Faith Aloud, you can talk to a non-judgmental clergyperson before or after an abortion. People of all faiths are welcome.
    • Faith Aloud: 1-888-717-5010
  • The Pregnancy Options Workbook is a wonderful tool that is available to provide you with information and tools to think through your decision and help you decide what pregnancy option is right for you. This website also contains an Abortion Resolution Workbook, which is designed to help people cope well emotionally and spiritually, after having an abortion.
  • The National Abortion Federation (NAF) has a publication entitled Unsure About Your Pregnancy? A Guide to Making the Right Decision for You that helps you explore your options.
  • Right By You, a text line for young people in Missouri that offers information about how to access abortion care, prenatal care and birth care, and finding support for parenting or placing a child for adoption. The text line also answers questions about pregnancy prevention and navigating pregnancy scares. Trained volunteers answer young people’s questions with compassion and validation. The text line responds to texts live during limited weekday hours, and young people can text any time and will receive a response during the next live shift. Text 855-458-0866 and visit

Abortion Resources:

Adoption Resources:

Parenting Resources:

  • If you are pregnant and considering parenting, below are some things to think about that can contribute to a positive experience with pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting:
    • How far along are you in your pregnancy? You can use our pregnancy calculator for an estimation of the length of your pregnancy based on your last menstrual period, but getting an ultrasound is usually the best way to know exactly how far along you are!
    • Prenatal Care: If you are pregnant and considering carrying your pregnancy to term, prenatal care is important for your health and the health of your pregnancy.
    • Lifestyle Changes:
      • What does your day to day life look like now?
      • What changes will you need to make to be healthy and have a healthy pregnancy?
    • What supports do you already have access to?
      • A partner in the pregnancy? Family or friends? Who is there to support you?
    • Parenting Classes:
      • Parenting classes can be beneficial for individuals or families who are expecting.
    • Birthing Plan:
      • What do you want your birth to look like? Would you prefer to give birth in a hospital or birthing center? Would you prefer an OB/GYN or Certified Nurse Midwife attend to your delivery? What about pain management?
    • These options may look different for you depending on where you live or if you have high-risk pregnancies or a complicated health history.
    • Birth & Postpartum Doulas:
      • Connecting with a doula, a trained helping professional who provides guidance and support before, during, and after birth, can improve experiences with pregnancy and birth.
    • Do you plan to breastfeed/chestfeed?
  • If you are pregnant, you may be eligible for assistance through a program called the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).
  • Louis Region Birthing Services:

Adoption Resources:

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