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Birth Control

Where there's Choice, there's Hope

At this time, Hope Clinic offers limited contraceptive services. We are working to provide a full range of contraceptive options. Current patients of Hope Clinic can receive referrals for every method of birth control upon request, but not all methods are currently offered in the office. Please contact Hope Clinic at (618) 451-5722 for more information about which contraceptive methods are offered at this time.

Exploring your Options

The following methods are routinely offered by Hope Clinic: (subject to change)

  • Condoms (latex & non-latex)
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Vaginal Ring
  • Patch
  • Birth Control Shot
  • Emergency Contraception

Prescriptions for various birth control methods are available to eligible patients upon request. The birth control shot (also known by the name brand, Depo Provera) and Emergency Contraception are offered in-clinic for a fee. Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods such as IUDs and Nexplanon (implant) are available for a fee and are covered by Illinois Medicaid plans.


Free condoms (both latex and non-latex) are offered by our office to meet your needs. Stop by and pick up a pack of 20 during regular business hours.

We also have Internal-Condoms (also known as FC2) – while supplies last!

Emergency Contraception:

What is Emergency Contraception?

  • Emergency contraception, often called the “morning after pill”, is used to prevent pregnancy prior to it occurring. It is used to prevent an egg from being released/preventing sperm from fertilizing an egg.
  • The type of emergency contraception offered by Hope Clinic is most effective when taken within 72 hours of unprotected/under-protected intercourse. The sooner it is taken, the more effective it is.
  • Emergency contraception is NOT an abortion pill. It prevents pregnancy. Medication/pill abortion ends an established pregnancy. If you are already pregnant and seeking to end a pregnancy with medication, please visit our Medication Abortion page for more information.

Our friends over at Midwest Access Coalition also have a program for helping people get Emergency Contraception when they need it free of charge. Request an Emergency Contraception Kit at

Get it before you need it! Emergency contraception is available on Amazon for a low price! You can also buy a pack of 6 tablets on Amazon for the price of 1 at a pharmacy. You can purchase emergency contraception from Hope Clinic for $30, less than the cost of most pharmacies!

Method Use & Aftercare Instructions:

Contraceptive Method User Guides

There are many different types of birth control. Below is a compilation of various methods, how they work, and how to use them. Before starting any contraceptive method, please consult with your healthcare provider to make sure it is safe for you to use.

The information on this site is available to you so you can figure out which birth control method you might prefer and help answer any questions you might have. This is intended to be general information and reference, not as a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare provider.

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