Abortion for Patients from Fort Leonard Wood Missouri

Abortion at Hope Clinic Serving Patients From Fort Leonard Wood, MO

As abortion rights are threatened throughout the country, Hope Clinic is here to stand strong in the fight for your rights. We provide abortions for patients from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to those in the area, as well as anyone who is able to travel to us. If you need to travel, we’ll do whatever we can to make the process simpler for you. We provide the full range of abortion and reproductive care to our patients, all with the kind and gentle support that you need.

Abortion Services For our Patients From Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

The team of expert doctors and licensed medical professionals at Hope Clinic serving Fort Leonard Wood, MO can offer you any abortion service you need. We offer the medication abortion, or abortion pill, to patients up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. For pregnancies up to 16 weeks, we offer the aspiration procedure for abortion. If you are between 16 and 26 weeks pregnant, we can perform the dilation and evacuation procedure to complete the abortion. Our professional staff will work with you beforehand to figure out which procedure will be the safest and most effective for your personal situation.

Reproductive Care for Fort Leonard Wood, MO Residents

Abortion is for everyone, and we offer reproductive care for those who don’t need an abortion. It’s your right to have one or not, and we won’t pressure you into either choice. If you live in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and need reproductive care, we will provide you the same level of top-notch care that we do our abortion patients. We can help with things like fertility and fertility testing, pregnancy testing, STI prevention and care, birth control and contraception, and much more. We also offer counseling services for those who need emotional support and answers to their questions, whatever they may be.