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Health Insurance Coverage

Currently Accepting:

Illinois Medicaid ONLY (co-pay $0)
(Note if you have applied for Illinois Medicaid but it is not yet active you are still eligible for an abortion at no cost. Please bring proof of your application.)

FUTURE Insurance Plans:

NOTE: Hope Clinic is working hard to contract with other health insurance companies. This can take several months.

Updates will be made as coverage by more insurers becomes available.

Not all insurance plans cover abortion care. You should verify with your insurer.

Patients will be responsible for all co-pays or portions of their deductible as determined by their insurer.

Eligible benefits, co-pays and other information will need to be verified prior to your appointment.

Please bring a copy of your current insurance card to your visit.

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Where there's Choice, there's Hope.

Where there's Choice,
there's Hope.