Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Information

What is a sexually transmitted infection?

  • Sexually transmitted infections, also known as STIs, are infections passed through sexual contact with another person. Sometimes these infections are also referred to as Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs.
  • STIs are common, but can be serious, especially if left untreated.
  • All STIs can be treated and many can be cured!
  • STI Fact Sheets:

Why should I get tested?

  • Testing is recommended more/less frequently depending on your life and your circumstances. For example, it is recommended by the CDC that all sexually active women age 25 years and under get tested annually. For other CDC recommendations, please view the CDC website.
  • STIs are common infections, that for many people, are asymptomatic. This means people can have STI(s) without experiencing symptoms, and pass those infections on to their partner(s), oftentimes without realizing it.
  • STIs can impact your health and wellbeing if left untreated.
    • Some serious health risks associated with STIs include:
      • Pelvic pain
      • Pregnancy complications
      • Infertility
      • Certain cancers
      • Easier transmission of other STIs such as HIV

How can I prevent STIs?

  • Use of condoms and other barrier methods (such as dental dams) with every sex act to reduce risk of transmission of STIs.
  • Get vaccinated when possible (HPV Vaccine)!
  • Regular testing reduces the chance the infection will go unnoticed. Early detection and treatment of STIs reduces the likelihood of serious complications.
  • If you have an STI, get treated.
  • Honest, open communication with sex partners is key!

For information about STI testing services at Hope Clinic, please click here.

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