Psychosocial Services

Where there's Choice, there's Hope.

Hope Clinic is home to licensed clinicians who provide supportive services for those seeking abortions. In addition to our work in providing comprehensive abortion care, Hope Clinic offers counseling services tailored to the LGBTQIA+ community. Services provided are gender-affirming, sex-positive, trauma-informed, feminist, and tailored to the individual needs of each person.


Psychological Evaluations: Evaluations are a part of starting therapy. Conducting an evaluation allows your therapist to get to know you, understand your wants, needs, and goals, and support you in achieving those goals.

Counseling: Your therapist will work with you to establish goals and explore yourself and the world around you. Providers at Hope Clinic specialize in working with people who have had abortions and the LGBTQIA+ community on issues of identity, relationships, shame, stigma, sexual health, and well-being. As abortion providers, we support people through their decision-making process around their pregnancy options and support positive coping for individuals regardless of pregnancy outcome.

Gender-Affirming Care:

  • Psychological Evaluations & Letter-Writing: Our providers conduct comprehensive psychological evaluations to assist in writing letters of support for gender-affirming medical care, surgical procedures, and legal gender marker and/or name change.
  • Counseling: Clinicians at Hope Clinic specialize in exploring issues of identity using a gender-affirming, person-centered approach. These services are available for trans and non-binary people, people questioning their gender identity or sexual/romantic orientation, and for people looking for an affirming therapist to support them through transition.

Telehealth services are available for those located within the state of Illinois.

All Illinois Medicaid plans are accepted. No other insurance plans are accepted at this time. Sliding-scale fees based on income and family size are available for self-pay clients as needed.

Please call us at 618-451-5722 during regular business hours or email us at

Click here to access our online portal where you can complete paperwork and access telehealth visits. You can also cancel and reschedule appointments here as well.