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Abortion 16 to 26 weeks

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Abortions for pregnancies over 16 weeks may require multiple visits to the clinic over two to three days. This allows time for the cervix to be safely prepared and open for the procedure. The abortion procedures are most often done by a combination of vacuum aspiration and D&E (dilation and evacuation).

What To Expect

Our physicians are gynecologists with many years of experience in second-trimester abortions and will provide you with excellent care. 

The cervix is slowly opened or dilated with medications and/or laminaria. When the cervix is ready, the uterus is emptied with a combination of suction and instruments that safely evacuate the pregnancy.

The actual surgery takes about 30 minutes, but the entire procedure can take up to 3 days. The patient and her support person need to stay close to the clinic throughout the entire time frame. A list of nearby lodging is available.

There are cases between 16 and 18 weeks where cervical preparation and the procedure are completed in one day.

The D&E surgical procedure is effective 99% of the time. Repeat surgery is only rarely needed to treat concerns.

Common side effects include abdominal cramping or pain and bleeding, and possible nausea and sweating. Women may also experience spotting for 4-6 weeks following the procedure. Complications are very rare but can include uterine or cervical perforation, pelvic infection, and excess bleeding. Patients are thoroughly educated about warning signs of complications and encouraged to notify us immediately if symptoms occur.


  • Abortion medications (Mifepristone/Misoprostol)
  • Ultrasound
  • Education
  • Lab work
  • Antibiotic
  • 24-hour phone access to an on-call provider

For pricing information, contact the office by phone at 618-451-5722, email: info@hopeclinic.com, or text message (618) 248-8048.

Self-pay discounted fees by credit card/cash are based on the length of pregnancy.

  • Illinois Medicaid ACTIVE: $0 co-pay
  • Illinois Medicaid - Applied but not active: $0 co-pay

Other insurers: co-pay varies and will be based on in-network or out of network benefits, as applicable.

If you are an Illinois resident, please click here. If you are from another state and need financial assistance, please click here.

  • $25 sexually transmitted infection testing; includes treatment if needed
  • $25 optional two-week follow-up appointment
  • Birth control (fees vary by type): pills; injection; or condoms.
  • $135 optional private care (private waiting and recovery with room for your support person)
  • If you have an Rh negative factor blood type, Rh immunoglobulin (i.e. Rhogam) will be recommended at the time of your appointment. Click HERE for more information.

  • Your fee is based on services rendered. Individual services include (but are not limited to): ultrasound $135;  lab $50; counseling/education $40;  outside (send out) lab work $60.

If you are more than 13 weeks pregnant and have previously had a C-section, you may need a diagnostic ultrasound to determine the positioning of the placenta and assess for the risk of a condition called "placenta previa". Call us for detailed instructions.
  • A support person/driver is required to be with you.
  • Photo IDs for yourself and anyone who comes with you.
  • Payment (cash, credit, debit, money order, or traveler's check).
  • Please eat before you arrive. Food is not allowed in the building.

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We are making changes and updates to our schedule to better assist patients. Please call the office at (618) 451-5722 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment. Patients are seen by appointment only. Please no walk-ins. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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