Patient Services

Sexually Transmitted Infection

(STI) Testing

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing is offered at the Hope Clinic.

  • These are sexually transmitted infections which are very common and often have no symptoms.
  • The Center for Disease Control recommends that all sexually active women under 25 years old and others who are high risk (such as having a new sexual partner, multiple sexual partners, unprotected intercourse, etc.) be tested EVERY YEAR.
  • The fee is $25 and includes treatment, if needed.


  • can be provided by the Hope Clinic at no additional charge
  • you may follow up with your local health department or health practitioner
  • partners may be treated at the Hope Clinic (additional charges apply)

Additional Information

NOTE: The testing will be done by an outside laboratory. This lab is held to the same patient confidentiality standards as the Hope Clinic.